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Ever mindful of our client's needs, we strive to offer the best service, tailor made to suit each particular situation that arises.
Whether you need an appraisal, a sale conducted on-premises, brokerage of one piece or guidance in the marketplace, we are able to assist you with the integrity that is our hallmark.
Recognizing that confidentiality is important to our clients for a variety of reasons, we offer a few comments below.  
Extensive individual reference contacts are available upon request.

6/16/16 "Thank you for the referral. I will certainly pass along your name to friends who need appraisal services. ... It's been a pleasure working with you!" R. Bevington Atlanta, GA 

6/10/16 "Hi Selma, Thank you for sending the report. I am anxious to go through it. I enjoyed woarking with you. Should the opportunity present itself, I definitely will highly recommend you." Tom McMahon  Chattahoochee Hills, GA

6/23/16 Received this unsolicited message from the same client as one immediately below "Selma, Thanks so much for the detailed response. I am good. I am also happy to have you include me as a reference." I. Gleser, Dunwoody, GA

6/9/16 "Selma, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and thanks for your knowledge and expertise to help me better understand the value of my mother's items and how best to try to sell them.... I  don't do this every day, obviously, but I do read people very well. You certainly are very good at what you do, and you come across as sincere and trustworthy. Thanks so much for your follow-up on this today." I. Gleser, Dunwoody, GA

6/7/16 "Oh and I forgot to say THANK YOU!... Thanks again for the quick turn around!" L Bigler, Duluth, GA 

5/1/16 "... P.S. Fantastic job by the way. Love how thorough you were." T Stratton Lake Oconee, GA 

4/29/16 I was cc'd on this e-mail message sent from a client of mine  "... It occurred to me that you may on occasion, have clients who may be in need of a good appraiser. I am happy to suggest Mrs. Selma Paul who is orchestrating the sale of {item deleted}. She is wonderful to work with and she lives here in Cumming. I give her my highest recommendation..."  Charlene H, Cumming, GA 

4/25/16 "Thank you so much for your time and prompt follow up. You have been a wealth of knowledge. Will keep you up to date and will follow up with estate sale info you gave us. My pleasure, R. Clark"  Dunwoody, GA 

4/10/16 Comments from Lynne Schwartz, Director of Sales and Marketing Piedmont at Buckhead Atlanta, GA on their event March 31, 2016:

"Selma's presentation was outstanding. Her knowledge of the items was greater than any appraiser I've seen. Her passion and energy kept the interest going for two hours. There were numerous compliments and requests to bring her back."  

2/8/16 Comments from Kiwanis Chapter President Angela Holbrook on my presentation to the membership January 14, 2016:

"I thought your presentation was great! There were a lot of interesting questions that came up... I liked how you allowed time to ask for questions and got the group engaged in the conversation." 

1/28/16 "Looks like I'll go to eBay and offer at $200. Won't net much but we want to let it go. Someone out there will love to have it in their collectio. Late 19th C. is earlier than I anticipated but knowing my family's history, I should not be surprised. Thanks for your quick work." A Morris 

1/25/16 "Hey Selma, Thank you so very much for all your help. I don't see how you balance it all. I think that you do a great job. Thank again for all the info." C. Veltre Marietta, GA

1/15/16 "Hi Selma, Cancel my last request for a revised report. I was mixing up the hutch with the entertainment center. Your report is perfect!!! Thank you!" N. Rodrick

1/7/16 "SELMA, Thank you for all of your help with mother's things yesterday. It was so nice meeting you~ I can certainly understand why Ted speaks so highly of you." P. Moore Atlanta, GA  

11/11/15 "Selma: You and Pam did a fantastic job with this case. I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.   I will pass your name around as a referral. It was a pleasure working with you on this case!!" Dana C. Ashford  Ashford Law Firm, LLC  Decatur, GA

10/30/15 "... Thank you so much for your expert eye and suggestions. They were invaluable." S Holley Lawrenceville, GA 

10/2/15 "Selma, I appreciate your honesty on this. I will definitely keep you in my contacts when another opportunity arises." R Cantrell Atlanta, GA

10/1/15 "Selma, It was really great seeing you too! It was wonderful to meet you. Thank you for everything and I appreciate these contacts." B Mlott, Atlanta, GA 

9/21/15 "...We really enjoyed meeting you. Thank you for all your help." S and R Markley, Zebulon, GA  

9/4/15 "... Thank you very much for all the help you are providing. You have been the answer to my prayers."  Gail L, Athens, GA  

8/1/15 "Well Selma, you are an absolute delight! Thank you so much for helping us and we so much enjoyed meeting and visiting with you! I will contact both next week. Thank you again for this infomation. When and if we have any future needs, we will most certainly call you! AND... we will be referring you to any of our friends and/or family who might need your services as well!" Beth Kirkpatrick Braselton, GA

7/25/15 "Dear Selma, Thanks very much for this. I will give {attorney name deleted} your regards." Mike Soucie  

7/23/15 "Thanks so much for your report. It was a pleasure working with you!" Maria Hill  Atlanta, GA 

7/15/15  Angies List  Unsolicited comments on their site include several clients in Georgia and South Carolina 

6/16/15 "Thank you for your assessment Selma, I am going to take your advice into consideration as I go about to sell the set. ...much thanks, sincerely" Don Harwell 

6/4/15 "I am very proud to recommend you. You do a fantastic job and everyone loves working with you." Kathleen H. Sposa Private Client Advisor Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Atlanta, GA 

5/22/15 "You did a wonderful appraisal and I want to thank you. The pictures really make a difference." J Kummel Atlanta, GA 

4/16/15 "Ms. Paul, Thank you very much. Since the {item deleted} was taken apart for the appraisal, I took advantage of the pieces and gave them a good cleaning.... There will be a "gathering" of former {name deleted} Atlanta Chapter members in May and they will be pleased with a current appraisal and a clean look." Christopher Schamel  Atlanta, GA 

4/9/15  Just had to share this little funny from my dear friend, Mike Kelley Memphis TN  

The lawyer says to the wealthy art collector tycoon: "I have some good news and I have some bad news." The tycoon replies:"I've had an awful day, let's hear the good news first." The lawyer says, "Well, your wife invested $5000.00 in two pictures this week that she figures are worth a minimum of $20- $30 million."

        The tycoon replies enthusiastically, "Well done... very good news indeed! You've just made my day; now what's the bad news?" The lawyer answers, "The pictures are of you with your secretary."


4/7/15 "Congratulations on all the great things you have accomplished in moving ISA towards where it is now, all the really great changes that have been made to put ISA on the top as the best appraisal association in the country.... Your dedication and so much effort you have freely given to ISA will probably not ever be completely recognized by most members as they have never walked in your shoes of volunteer service."  Carol Wamble  Hermitage, TN  

3/16/15 "Selma, Thank you so much for your thoughts and recommendation. I have sent an email to {name deleted}. I appreciate all of your assistance. It can be rather overwhelming simply to do a Google search and figure out how and where to sell...."  C Lancaster  Atlanta, GA

3/9/15 "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can't begin to tell you how much weight has been lifted and I really enjoyed spending time with you today. It was my pleasure! I look forward to working with you again in the future." B Shaw Stone Mountain, GA

2/28/15  "It was nice to meet you and my wife and I are glad we contacted a professional appraiser to look at this family piece." K. Ramminger Canton, GA

1/22/15  Via LinkedIn   "Congratulations on your {work} anniversary. You are a great example for all of us"  M. Lamb, ISA CAPP 

11/18/14 "Ms. Paul: Thanks-very professional. It was a pleasure..." G Phipps Atlanta, GA 

11/7/14 "Thank you, Selma, for your time and shared expertise today. I enjoyed meeting you and spending some time at my home. I look forward to working with you in the future. I'm truly happy to know I have options when I'm ready" D. Svensson Atlanta, GA


10/15/14 "The appraisal was so beautifully done. I am sending Kathy Sposa (AIG INSURANCE CO) a copy today. You were awesome! Thanks" Barbara Turner Hendersonville, NC 

9/29/14 "Thank you so much for the honesty. I appreciate all your help." A Gammon Lilburn, GA 

9/5/14 "Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate your candor and all of your help." M van Geuder  Atlanta, GA

8/20/14 "Thank you for the appraisal information. I'm sure it will be very helpful." Javier Cerna Owner OJ Installations  Doraville, GA 

8/6/14 "Georgia and I enjoyed your visit and hope we'll see you again. It was a great learning experience.... It was such a pleasure to have you here" B & G Morrow Ellijay, GA

8/6/14 "I think we are very near to coming up with a consensus regarding distribution of items in my Mom's estate, and your appraisal has been very helpful." B Cleveland Atlanta, GA 

7/30/14 "Dear Selma, Thank you for getting back to us in a timely manner. I know how busy you are, and marvel at what be off-the-chart organizational skills as you juggle your work schedule. Louise and I both trust you implicitly to do the right thing with the valuable items within the reasonable time frame you have indicated."

and another from same lovely couple above 8/6/14 "You are MORE than gracious, beautiful, smart, eloquent and professional. ...  I am SO grateful Louise and I were guided to you. We appreciate your help so very, very much. .. You ARE the best!!!" N & L Harwell Covington, GA 

7/25/14 "Thanks so much for sending the report. And thank you for your kind service" J & L M Atlanta, GA

7/14/14  "Thanks for coming by today.  I know my Dad really enjoyed your visit!"  and on 7/15/14 "Thanks Selma. The WSJ article was fascinating. Your field is very dynamic, and it must be challenging to keep up with! It's just amazing to me that Dad's furniture, which is in such beautiful shape, won't hold much market interest. I almost want to keep it for myself, but it's way too fancy-- Exactly the problem you were describing!"  R. S. Roswell, GA

The messages below were provided by a client who held their own estate sale based on my guidance and values provided:

6/15/14 "Hi Selma, The sale was a huge success! ... We had a wonderful time together. Everything is about gone. ... We got the asking price for the Atmos clock and tea caddy, and the mink sold for $600... Sooo glad it's over. Your help in appraising was a big part of our success. THANK YOU!!  6/22/14 "You're more than welcome to use my comments below. I will definitely refer you whenever I get a chance. I dropped your name many times these past several weeks." Debbie Parry Marietta, GA

6/13/14  "Thank you , Selma!  The new homeowners bought $$$$ worth tonight!! And their agent spent $$$$. Great start. The home owners want to come back Sunday to check out what is left. Your appraising really helped! D. P. Marietta, GA                                                                 (same client as message below) 

6/6/14  "Hi Selma, It was great meeting you.  Appreciate all your advice" D. P. Marietta, GA 

5/31/14  "Thanks so much for your note, and especially for your talents and professionalism. I was trying to determine if anything I owned has any special value for my estate... You were very helpful in reminding me of the realities."  A. M. Alpharetta, GA  

5/24/14 "Thank you so much the check came yesterday if you can believe that that was so fast....  Thank you so much and I appreciate all of your effort and time."  H. S. Marietta, GA   (same client as message below) 

3/31/14  "Good morning Selma; I want to first and foremost tell you how wonderful it was to meet you and admire the amazing work that you do, with a special highlight to the gift of you and your services towards my family's situation and needs. Secondly I would like to repeat the words that I just wrote!!!  Meeting you and working with you was and shall be a continued joy. ... You are a treasure and I appreciate you (sic) talent and expertise so very much."  H. S. Marietta, GA

3/25/14  "... Your professional services were recently put to use at (edited by author) conducting a whole house valuation of the estate of (edited by author). One of the items has proven to be incomplete and I am writing to ask for an updated value based on the pieces we actually have."  (same client as message below)

3/25/14 "Hi Selma, Thank you kindly for sending such a speedy response. Very good of you. That was just what I needed."   M. T. Norcross, GA 

2/26/14  "Selma, thank you so much. Wow --- after skimming your appraisal, I am VERY grateful to have this information for our insurance company! It's interesting to me to see the things that are more valuable, versus the things that aren't as costly. Obviously there is no way to put a value on sentiment! Hopefully we will never have to replace any of the trays, flatware, candlesticks, etc., and can pass them on to friends and family in later years who will love and appreciate these beautiful items as we do. Thanks again for the information and for all of the time and effort you put into the process. We appreciate it!"  Julie C. Atlanta, Ga 

2/23/14  "I really enjoyed meeting you today and really appreciate the information on (edited by author)..... After all these years to find out that I was right about (edited by author) is sort of rewarding.  You are good at what you do. You deliverd (sic) even the not so good news in a way that was gentle and non threatening. That is a real talent"   T. S. Duluth, GA 

1/30/14  "Thanks for the pictures and infomation on the bed. We enjoyed the time with you on Sat. & appreciate your help." V. D.  Fairburn, GA 

1/23/14  "This is a cyber introduction to Selma Paul (cc'd on this email). She is one of the most widely respected, knowledgeable and respected appraisers that we know and she will do an excellent job of providing whatever information you may need for your movers."   Great Gatsby's Fine Antiques 

10/30/13  "Thank you so much. It was a true pleasure to meet you and I appreciate you coming out to look at my father's pieces."  S. C.  Lawrenceville, GA

10/7/13  ".... thanks again for working with me last week.  You made a tough task pleasant and smart"  J. H. Atlanta, GA

10/2/13  Selma, You are so gracious. Thank you for taking time "to respond".  Thank you for your willingness to help us.  J. W.  Chattanooga, TN 

9/30/13  Hi Selma, Thanks so much for all your help.  We'll be sure to let you know if we need anything else.  It was a pleasure!  L. Z. Marietta, GA 

8/28/13  It was so good to meet you yesterday. I appreciate all your expertise and wisdom as you appraised my items. ... Thank you so much!  L. D.  Lawrenceville, GA  

8/16/23  Again, I want to thank you so much for your integrity. Highly valued in my book. With my being remote you could have leveraged that to charge me more. .... Very much appreciate everything you have done and the care and concern you have demonstrated.  J. B.   Wisconsin

7/23/13  "Hi, Selma! Thanks for getting back to me on the art pieces...  Everyone was so appreciative of your estimates. It really allows for apples to apples comparisons and should really help with fairness issues. =)  J. L. Alpharetta, GA 

3/25/13  "... thanks again for your help (on the banjo) and really enjoyed meeting you. I am sure we will use your services again. :)  D. D.  Marietta, GA

3/11/13  My husband and I attended the Antiques Show in Historic Norcross last Saturday and we enjoyed it thoroughly. ... I would like to thank you very much for your comments about collecting First Editions and my book.  G. W. E.

3/11/13  "... I want to thank you for carving out time from your busy schedule to share your extensive expertise with us.  I really enjoyed your humorous approach and the time you took with each and every one of us.  You made evaluating our "treasures" a personal experience for us  all.  You are truly a gracious lady and provided a wonderfully intriguing afternoon.... " G. J. J.

3/9/13      I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your antique appraisal meeting in Norcross today.  Your expertise in antiques was quite impressive and most interesting and I certainly enjoyed talking to you and appreciate your interest in helping me find out more about the scalloped silver bowl.  W. A.

3/9/13  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon at the Norcross Antique Roadshow!!   M. K.

1/14/13  This is very helpful, as was the information you provided on Friday.  Tom and I appreciate your help and will look into contacting the folks you recommended (text removed) for restoration.
It was a pleasure meeting you --  J. C.

11/16/12   I sincerely do appreciate your assistance with this.  You have been great to work with.  L. W.

11/5/12  What a ttl pleasure you turned out to be....your voice is enviable - the "I would trust you with my life" voice.  Thank you for your sweetness.  I appreciate your critique  E.D.

9/18/12 Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.  I feel better now, you are such a wonderful , lovable human been.  I mean it with all my heart. (text removed)   You know, people like you, Bill and his wife Pat gives one hope that all is not lost in this society of greed and neglect.  Thank you so much of helping me in my time of grief.   C. J.

8/12/12  Thank you so much for your knowledgeable and honest evaluation of the Meissen figural piece I have.  I kept debating on whether I should insure the piece with my Home Owner’s Insurance and for how much.  Your information has helped me to make that decision; and I thank you.  J. M.


6/22/12  "C~ and I both want to thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. Your assessent will be very helpful to us."  C. S.  Suwanee, GA

6/11/12   I really enjoyed your company and your expertise. K. Griffith

5/30/12  " Dear Selma, I felt like I had known you forever just after meeting you!  You are warm, interesting and did such a great job. You are a gifted speaker with a huge storehouse of knowledge in art, antiques, and collectables.  ...
                I am so impressed and will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs an appraiser.  Thank you so much"  L. McNeel 

5/9/12  "Dear Ms Selma, I owe you big time. Many, many thanks."  R. Newton 

5/7/12  Ms.Paul, thanks for the info. ...it was a pleasure meeting you and we are impressed with your professionalism and knowledge.  S. Brietbart

5/7/12   I was pleased with the appraisal report. I have learned so much from you and this process that I didn't know before.   S. Philbrook  

I am totally satisfied with your work and certainly appreciate the pictures of everything. Thank you.   K. Barr  Carrollton, GA

I was so astounded with your knowledge of such a wide variety of "treasures"   M. Booker  Atlanta, GA

Selma is extremely knowledgeable over a wide range of antiques.  This makes her the perfect appraiser for a Roadshow type event. (Her knowledge also lends itself to appraising an entire estate.)   She spends just the right amount of time with each person therefore making them feel very satisfied with her appraisal.  Many in our audience stayed until the very end simply because Selma is extremely informative but also very entertaining.  Selma is just the best!      

Cate Kitchen City of Norcross   Welcome Center / Downtown Manager

Your email brought tears of gratitude to my eyes as I never expected so much helpful advice.  You gave me so much to think on and decide about...  E. Freeman  Nashville, TN

Thank you so much for everything.  We were so pleased that we found you and were so realistic with us.  We appreciate it so much.  S. Gansel  Marietta, GA

 I am indeed fortunate to have such competent and well-informed women in my life!  (That includes you, my dear.)  Thanks so much, Selma.  S. Kahan, Roswell, GA

I want to thank you again for recommending Charla Williams to me! We sold my mother’s home in record time – about 2 months, which is remarkable, especially in this market. The buyer was rather difficult to work with during the negotiating phase and Charla was just wonderful. The stress of selling the house was high; I can’t imagine doing that for a living. Charla is a special woman and gifted at what she does.    J. Blair, Atlanta, GA

Thanks for this advice, Selma.  I will take a closer look at all of them and let you know. How so very kind of you to respond so quickly and with great detail! I suppose customer service is not dead YET!  S Harris, Atlanta, GA

Thanks for being so kind and compassionate, we both think the world of you.  I feel like I have know you for ever.  Hugs, J McCloud, Stone Mountain, GA 

Thank you so much for a wonderfully informative afternoon. We also appreciate the various referrals you gave us. This will help greatly with restoration and repairing various pieces.  J. Walker

Thank you....thank you....thank you...and on and on beyond words. I am very grateful. Grateful for your work and, most of all, grateful to work with a person I trust and one who has such integrity. You have been a great gift and I so appreciate that we were able to met you when we were new to the city and didn't know who to trust.  M. Walker  Swanee, GA

I live on the other side of the country from some items I have been meaning to sell.  I was fortunate to find Selma online.  She was very helpful, knowledgeable, flexible and professional.  I was very impressed with all my interactions with Selma and felt sure that my items were accurately appraised and handled carefully.  I would recommend Selma to anyone in need of her services. She went above and beyond the call of duty and was able to help me with everything I needed, even from accross the country. 

S. Prier, Denver, CO

"Thanks soo much for meeting with me; you have a wealth of knowledge in this area ... S. Raye  Atlanta, GA

" It is obvious to me that you are a professional, meticulous and helpful, in the work you do.  Mom truly enjoyed your company and your business"  D. Newton  Chamblee, GA

"You did an appraisal for us of my late mother-in-law's furniture, china, and silver a couple of years ago. We were delighted to learn from you that a mid-century danish modern dresser by T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings for Widdicomb was valuable. Thanks for your help... You are a nice lady."  K. Garvin GA

"Thank you very much. I really appreciate the kinds words from yesterday and your interest in my situation. Thanks again"  B. Hendricks  Marietta, GA

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed our meeting this morning.  I am so glad to finally know something about my mysterious chairs and am in no way disappointed.  They do make great accent pieces.  And vintage is lovely"  E. Coppi Woodstock, GA

"selma:  got the fed ex package.  Superb job!  Thank you."  T. M. Hilton Head, SC  Atlanta, GA

"Selma is a joy to work with. I had a very unusual request and piece of jewelry. Selma handled my requests with great customer service and I would trust her to provide the same treatment to anyone who chooses to do business with her. She cares about her customers and their items."  M. Schubert  LaGrange, GA

"Selma;   Thank you.  You did a wonderful job. The document looks very nice. I am sure everyone will be pleased." C. L. Duluth, GA 

"I enjoyed meeting you.  You are very pleasant to work with and I felt very comfortable having you in my home with me and my daughter."  A. H. Marietta, GA

"Hi Selma: I meant to get you a note to you earlier—it has been so hectic. I can’t thank you enough for your work with us last week. You gave us just the push we needed to move on—finally. We are grateful.

I am sure that was the hardest $ you ever made!  You were a trooper and I really can’t thank you enough. We will certainly keep you in mind—maybe one day we will find the 5K nutcracker!"  C. R. NY, NY

"Hello Selma
Thank you for this information. As I told you I really had no idea what to expect but I think the biggest surprise was the value of the Windsor chairs. I had no idea and truly wonder if anyone else did either. I know the clock is an unusual piece and I probably expected it to be higher but I understand values may change and since it is definitely not for sale the insurance value is exactly what I wanted for all the items.
I appreciate your very profesional document." 
C. W. Atlanta, GA

"Thanks and we sure did appreciate your expertise and help with all that!"  CPA on behalf of clients Decatur, GA

"It was so nice meeting you yesterday. I was really impressed and so were the (clients) with your knowledge of antiques!!  T.S.  Senior Transitioning

I do so appreciate and value your candid opinions...Thank you for your efforts."  S. B. Roswell, GA

"We are very happy with the appraisal and appreciate your expertise. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE CAUTIONARY COMMENTS . We do appreciate you and I hope to call on you in the future."  M. S. Atlanta

"It was a pleasure to meet you...your insights are very helpful"  R. Weese  Atlanta

"Numerous times lately I have thought of the diligence you applied to authenticating our art pieces. You went above and beyond what many would have done for us. We appreciated your efforts. I just needed to say Thank you"  Caroline and Bill Geiger, Jonesboro, GA

" I rarely ever need to refer any clients to an appraiser but if I need one in the future I will be sure to use you"  P. Glover, Insurance Office of America

"Sharon and I appreciate your assistance last fall in are move from Roswell.  You obviously have many quality contacts"  Scott & Sharon Burchett

"Recently, I had the opportunity of seeking the advice of Selma Paul concerning the liquidation of items which my husband and I had inherited.   To our delight, the transaction was a pleasure from start to finish!  Selma Paul was immediately able to ascertain the value of our items and recommend the best means of liquidation.  Her knowledge, professionalism and courtesy throughout the process were indeed impressive.  We will definitely refer Selma to our friends and clients, and, not hesitate to seek her advice in future.  She is a gem!"         Nena Gavigan Roswell, GA

"We talked to others, as you know, but only you offered a truthful approach."  Denny Wilkins Alpharetta, GA

" ...(Selma) has always exhibited the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Her education, experience and knowledge base are exceptional."  CaroleAnn Padgett, CPA Atlanta, GA

"Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my silver pieces.  Yes, you are right.  This is not what I wanted to hear, but I truly appreciate your honesty." Ginny Brown The Etiquette School of Northeast Georgia

"Your professionalism has been very impressive and not everyone could measure up to your level of trustworthiness. Your enthusiasm and your professional promotions and your knowledge of the marketplace has been an asset in our liquidation efforts."   Carleen and Dik Wesson, Marietta, GA

Among our corporate clients we are honored to include:

   Drew, Ekl & Farnham LLP 
   InfraMetals, LLC
   Primavera Fine Art Foundation
   Grange Insurance Company
   Davis Claim Service
   Greenfield, Bost & Kliros, P.C.
   Warner, Mayoue, Bates, & Nolen, P.C.
   Chubb Insurance
   Sun Trust Bank
   Edward Jones
   Taylor, English, Duma, LLP
   Vaughn & Evans, LLC