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Comprehensive, personalized asset management
including consultation, appraisal, brokerage, and liquidation services
APPRAISALS on personal property including Fine Art, Jewelry, Oriental rugs,
antiques of all types, furniture, silver, crystal, collectibles and general residential contents.
BROKERAGE includes direct sale, auction, estate sale, refinery direct sale of gold & silver
 Selma Paul  
      " Certified, Professional, Objective evaluation of personal property  
                   and the distribution of Estate assets including both personal property and real estate"           


Atlanta   Charleston   Nashville 
Serving the South throughout the states of Georgia, South Carolina, & Tennessee   
(770) 888-8808    

Member since 2003
What does it mean to be a CERTIFIED APPRAISER?

   Damage or loss claims
Equitable distribution
   Estate division among heirs
   Dissolution of marriage 
Tax issues
   Charitable contribution
   Probate or Estate taxes
   Acquisitions and sales advice
   Estate Planning

"What are my selling options?"

The easiest way would be to sell it to your neighbor. 
If they won't buy it you have these options:
consignment, estate sale, auction, brokerage.
We attempt to demystify the process in the following pages.